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CCTV System

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CCTV System


MBro-Vision System is an integrated solution system which detects and analyzes malfunctions and defects in product, including paper and fiber, manufactured by a high-speed manufacturing facility, to ensure the quality of the products and the efficiency of the facility. It collects the full live image date of the products, which are transferred at high speed, with an ultra-speed camera and anlyzes and stores the data in ultra high speed, and it provides the live data in various formats to an operator so the operator could utilizes the data for the improvement of the facility.
Since MBro-Vision System sends a "real-time alarm' signal when its ultra high-speed image analysis function detects a defect of the product, it could prevent the aggravation of the quality of products which are manufactured and transferred at high speed and significantly lower the production costs.
The system can be utilized in diverse manufacturing circumstances including the manufacturing of paper, fiber, steel and tissue and highly durable against external shock. Also, It is relatively easy to install and operate.

What is Event?

Product quality Event
Upon rolling of a product, amputation of the product, intrusion of foreign particles on the surface of the product and/or unexpected damage in the product



  • SD / HD video to a long-range wireless transmit / receive / store the system, the video

  • Fast save / restore storage system in conjunction with a large HD / SD hybrid CCTV

  • System, wired / wireless deployable system, the existing system of domestic

  • Quality improvement projects for the domestic large-scale production plants, government facilities, forest management, etc.

  • Be installed in many, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and exported to iteupnida.

  • In particular, a wide range of CCTV System installation, the installation environment can be eliminated nanyiseong

  • Elements of a long-range wireless systems that require it wirelessly to HD-like image

  • Transmission / reception can be installed to allow a large amount of video data to efficiently

  • Save / Restore / storage system capable of managing system operation and adopting the installation of

  • To maximize the efficiency of the system.


  • Camera: SD, HD-grade mixed Camera Installation
  • Save and restore the quality: HD-grade high-quality implementation
  • Storage systems: 128Channel Data real-time high-speed high-definition video of the save / restore
  • One to four HD Camera SD Camera or one of the "wireless video transmission device" to accommodate
  • Wireless distance: 3Km over